Monday, May 25, 2009


Anya loves strawberries. In fact, some days strawberries are the only thing I can get her to eat. Today we decided that we needed to get some fresh off the vine strawberries, so I found an organic you pick strawberry farm an hour away from our house. We were able to get over 10 lbs of beautiful strawberries for only 20$. A kicking deal, right! I did most of the picking, with a little help from Adam and Anya. Then she got bored and Adam chased her up and down the rows while she devoured about 1 lb on her own. She totally loved it and insisted on more strawberries when we got home. Now I just have to figure out what to do with 10 lbs of berries without making jam.


Trevor and Liz Covington said...

why can't you make jam? How about pie filling? mmmm.. makes me want a strawberry!!!

Lynn said...

freeze some and make smoothies with yogurt and a little vanilla. Maybe she will eat that? Freeze some into fruit Popsicles. Eat them cut up on morning cereal. Make strawberry shortcake. Make strawberry/rhubarb pie. Make strawberry soup. (blend with cream in a blender - cold soup, makes a good appetizer)

D/E G said...

Your mom mentioned lots of yummy possibilities--those berries sound really wonderful right now and a whole farm of them sounds like great fun! Virginia/DC would be a great place to be for the summer--enjoy! Oh, but we're excited for the chance to see you in Utah too!