Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter and Such

I am a little behind in actually posting what is going on in our lives right now so I thought that I should play catchup. We went down to Windsor for Easter. Adam's brother and Sister in-law have a big passover dinner where David makes the most amazing lamb that we are totally willing to drive 8 hours in order to partake. This year was fabulous as ever and the weather made it even better. It was a good 70 degrees everyday and sunny most of the time. We had a little easter egg hunt for the kids, (Adam's sister and her three kids were there and some friends with their two kids) and Anya had a great time searching for the eggs on the ground. She is the youngest so I told the older kids to leave her some eggs to find down low so they just passed over one whole area leaving Anya a lot of chocolate to enjoy. She also got a new puzzle set which she was totally into, the little quilt I made for her baby doll, and this cute Mei Tai baby doll carrier.

The rest of the weekend we spent hanging out with David and Meagan and listening to General Conference. On Sunday Grandpa Ron and the fam came over for Easter Lamb which was fun. For fun I finally took pictures of our favorite dream house in Windsor. It is only a couple of blocks from David and Meagan's house. I doubt we will ever move to Windsor but I am totally in love with this house.

David and Meagan love the one right next door and we are always trying to get them to buy it.

Since then we have been busy with life. You know play groups, walks, play grounds and being generally excited about the warm spring we are having. Adam is still crazy busy with papers and studying and such and we miss him since he is gone so much. We did find out that he is going to receive and extra scholarship from the provence next year which we are really grateful for. I am always impressed that his brain can provide for us so well.

Anya had her first major hurt the other day. She was standing on a chair by the stove helping me cook. She helps all the time and is usually very careful but this time as soon as I moved a pan off of the element she put her hand straight down on the glass (we have a ceramic top stove). She got burned pretty bad on almost all of her palm and some finger tips. We cooled right away but she had to spend a rough evening with her hand on various frozen items. She slept well that night and buy morning she was acting as usual. A couple of very large blisters formed on her palm which have since come off and she is now having to keep them bandaged up. She had never worn a band aid before this so it is quite tricky making her keep them on.

Beatrix is now six months old which is totally crazy to me. She is a cute little thing and is very calm all the time. She very rarely laughs for me or Adam but Anya can get her going really well. They lay on the floor together and laugh their head off about nothing. She spends most of her day watching Anya and trying to grab whatever Anya has and she is well on her way to sitting well. Sorry no pictures but it is hard to get photos of her because Anya always jumps in and then moves Bea around.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here ya go Grandma!

Grandma asked for more pictures of girls so........

We decided to wear Easter dresses this last Sunday since Conference is this week. Photo's went well for Beatrix but when Anya came there were lots of summersaults and hadstand's which resulted in fuzy pictures of hair.

And Some random ones from today.