Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hi. I have nothing major to report I just thought that I better get some photo's up for certain grandparents who really love to see their girls, also I figured a little up to date info on what is going on would be nice for ya'll.

Anya is still a crazy little monkey. At the beginning of this year we decided to that we should harness some of her crazy energy and desire to climb everything in sight. (With no playground available during the winter she has been pretty desperate. Yesterday she climbed to the top of the book shelf at Adam's office.) She has been taking a tot gymnastics class for the last couple of months and she could not be happier in it. The whole listening to the teacher and sitting when told has been a little difficult for her but she is getting better at that and she really loves to somersault, swing on bars, walk on balance beams, and hang from rings. The class is for 2-3 year olds and I would say that she is the most advance physically of all the kids which kind of makes me feel a little better about her delayed speech. She is doing way better lately with talking however so we are hopeful she will catch up to her age group soon.

She is also potty trained! Yay!!! A little over a month ago we did the 3 day potty training program that Melissa did. I had heard of it before but was sceptical until Melissa said that it worked and boy did it. After only three accidents on the first day she caught on and has been great ever since. The first couple of nights she wet the bed because we could not convince her to pee before she went to sleep so we put her in pull-ups at night. Since then she has figured out the pee on demand thing so she almost never pees at night any more. We are soooo happy that we only have one kid in diapers now and we are super proud of Anya.

It is super hard to get a picture of Anya lately since she is running all the time and refuses to stand still unless watching tv but here are a few attempts.

Anya is still a monster/dinosaur/ hulk loving girl but she does love a dolly every once in a while so I decided to make a dolly quilt the other day. It is from scraps for another quilt that I am working on. Anya helped sew parts by sitting on my lap while I sewed but I hid is as soon as I finished so that I can give it to her for Easter.

Miss Beatrix, or Bea as most of us call her is now 4 1/2 months old now and is the sweetest little thing ever. She is almost always happy, especially when Anya is poking her with some toy or hugging her way too tight. She loves her sister more that any of us but she is happy for anyone to hold her. She loves to be held and cuddled more that anything and if left on the floor for longer than a minute she will lay flat in despair and will generally fall asleep. She is a great little sleeper at night but really hates to take naps during the day. She will fall asleep fine but wake up very quickly if put down in a bed. When she does wake up from a nap it is usually Anya who hears her first and she will jump up and run for the bedroom yelling " I'm coming Bea, it's ok Bea" which lets me know that Bea is awake.

W recently started putting Bea in our door way jumper thing. By this age Anya loved to jump like crazy but Bea is different. She like to be in it but not because she likes to jump. Bea loves to stand up straight and look ast stuff so the jumper works out great for her.

Oh ya, I am still going to go private, but I am really lazy so it has not happened yet.