Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Anya and I have finally made it back home to DC. After staying in Utah for a couple of weeks we drove to Santa Cruz for my brothers wedding and then then drove back to Utah, then drove all the way here to DC. It was a ton of driving with a two year old and a six year old for most of the way. Thank goodness for portable DVD players. I thought I would post some photos of our fun in Utah and Cali. We went to the balloon launch during the freedom festival. Anya loved the balloons even though they didn't actually leave the ground because of weather problems.

The girls had tons of fun going for rides on Grandpa's motorcycle.

We also had a small birthday celebration for Anya. It is so weird that she is now two and acting like a little girl instead of a baby. I made this lady bug cake that I think turned out pretty good. Sorry about the weird color of the photos. For some reason it is really hard to get a good photo in my parents kitchen.

My younger brother Kip got married on the beach in Santa Cruz and almost the whole family was able to come- we were missing two spouses, Adam and Holly. Anya jumped straight into Parkers arms as soon as he arrived, all kids love Parker so it was not surprising. I look awful in the group shot but I figured it was better to so a good one of the bride and groom.