Tuesday, February 26, 2008

She Crawls

I thought that I would share some video of Miss Anya making her move. She has moving around by rolling for over a month now, and has done quite well but this last weekend she started crawling more than four "steps" at a time. This video is quite long, but I figure only grandparents are the only ones that interested and they won't care how long it is. By the way- she is now pulling herself up into a standing position on the couch and her toy basket and trying to walk around while holding on, this has created many accidental falls but she continues on. Also, she just woke up so her hair is a mess- I usually have it pulled back.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Beautiful temps!

Today was absolutely beautiful in Aber. It was about 60 degrees with no wind and the sun shining brightly. We went for a walk through town and along the ocean along with what seemed like everyone else in Wales. Tons of people were out and about but it was still so pretty. It has been really rainy lately, which I realize I should not complain about as many of you are experiencing crazy ice storms but it was nice to be warm. Here are some pics of us out and about.

Last week we went with some friends to a beach a little north of our town. Our friends brought their big kites to fly in the crazy wind. It was so windy that the little kite was picking our friend Rich up off the ground. It was fun to walk around the beach and watch the wind surfers.

This picture needs some explaining. Anya has been getting around lately by rolling. She is a total pro at this, and if left for only a few minutes she can be at the other side of the apartment, she moves very quickly and can get anywhere she wants especially places where she knows I don't want her. Next to our TV I have a kitchen chair set up in a feeble attempt of keeping her away from the cords connecting everything. She loves the playstation controllers and our guitar hero stuff. Anyway, she knows how to get herself under the chair and behind the TV without a problem now so it really doesn't work. The other day she was doing her thing and one minute she was next to the chair lying on the floor pounding on the wall like a drum and then two second later she was attempting to pull herself up onto the chair. It was quite scary as before I actually took this picture she was almost standing up with her hands on top of the seat. We have stopped the rolling behind the TV, we know have pillows all the way around the TV stand as well as under the chair. I know that this will not stop her for long, but for now she just rolls into the pillows and then moves on to something else.