Tuesday, February 26, 2008

She Crawls

I thought that I would share some video of Miss Anya making her move. She has moving around by rolling for over a month now, and has done quite well but this last weekend she started crawling more than four "steps" at a time. This video is quite long, but I figure only grandparents are the only ones that interested and they won't care how long it is. By the way- she is now pulling herself up into a standing position on the couch and her toy basket and trying to walk around while holding on, this has created many accidental falls but she continues on. Also, she just woke up so her hair is a mess- I usually have it pulled back.


Mum said...
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Mum said...

Hi! I'm so glad you put this video on. Anya is sooo cute; I just want to eat her up! And everything she does seems so purposeful. What a smartie! We miss you guys.
Love Jenn
ps. I'm with Chrys-- cold, polenta-yuck! :)