Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Fun

Fall is my absolute favorite season, especially here in Ottawa. The trees are all beautiful and it is cool and raining everyday. There are fantastic bike paths that are all over the city where the trees are great. The path by our house is especially beautiful because it runs along the Ottawa river and through little forests. The girls and I have had a great time this week going for bike rides and runs along this path and through the fallen leaves. On Saturday we went as a family to Saunders Farm, a fun fall based farm located outside Ottawa. They have haunted hay rides, tons of play structures for kids, a pumpkin patch, and a whole bunch of different mazes. We had a fun time wondering around enjoying the cool weather and we found a cute little pumpkin that had to come home with us. Here are a few pics from the day.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time Flies!

I have about a ton of pictures from over the summer that I have been meaning to blog about and I realized that if I don't get a post up soon the problem is only going to get worse. So, this is going to be big and probably missing a ton of summer info because I can't remember what happened. We will start off with the biggest news... we bought a house! The realization that we actually live here and will be staying here for the foreseeable future hit, so it just made sense for us to stop paying rent. Yay for me because even though it is pretty small it is WAY bigger than any apartment that we have ever had and we can finally use our kitchen table as a kitchen table! So here it is....

And a couple of the bedrooms because Grandma has been asking...

This the the play room.

And this is Anya's room, since this photo it has been painted bright green and has really cute white tissue balls hanging from the ceiling.

The upstairs bathroom.

Parent bedroom.

The girls and I spent a bulk of the summer hanging out in Utah at the grandparental house while Adam was here in Ottawa moving us and studying for his big Phd exam. Anya had a great time eating berries all day and destroying the house and finding all the dangerous places to play, such as this one....

Daphne spent a bit of time at Grandma's house as well, which Anya loved, and it is always great to have the grand-dog Roxy around as well.

Anya had a birthday while in Utah. It was super fun to have lots of Aunts and Uncles around for her big party and what little girl does not love a rainbow cake.

Some cute Bea

While in Utah I put Anya in swimming lessons. The first class was a mommy and me class. Anya has always hated the pool. Screams bloody murder every time we go in one. I know it is really weird, especially since she is not afraid of anything else but I guess that large bodies of water freak her out. So, we started the swimming lessons and for the first week she screamed and cried for the whole of our lessons. Then on the monday of the second week we had a sub teacher and for some reason Anya liked her and something clicked. Suddenly the water was not as scary to her and she slowly started to work her way deeper into the water and would actually go under. By the time she started the second set of lessons on her own she actually would have fun in each class.

Some cute girls at Thanksgiving Point

Halfway through August the girls and I flew back to Ottawa. Let me give you all a little flying tip.... Make sure when you buy tickets with multiple stops that you are given adequate transfer time. Never assume that certain online companies will sell only legal transfers. If you do not double check on your own you may find yourself stuck in the Vegas airport for 12 hours with a toddler who has no shoes because she broke her flip flop on the first flight and a baby, then you may have to take a red eye with said children to Toronto, then wait 3 more hours for your flight to Ottawa. Just warning you.
Since being home we have been keeping ourselves very busy. The house has about a million projects that I have been working on which I will show off my craftyness soon I hope. We have gone to a couple of zoos, enjoyed that last of the summer heat and have started back to school. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nova Scotia

Hey Ya'll, thought I would show some pics from our recent trip to Nova Scotia to visit Adam's Mom. We had a really good time just relaxing and seeing the beautiful countryside. We flew in on an early flight direct from Ottawa to Halifax. It is a really short flight so that made life pretty easy. Anya is such a pro flyer that we we entered the airplane she was carrying the boarding passes, when she came to the flight attendant who asked her for the passes Anya just reached out and gave her a big hug.

That night we went back to the airport to pick up Adam's brother from the airport and then headed to the other side of the island to Adam's Mum's house. She has a super cute fixer upper that is about half and hour down the neck past Digby, and if you have no idea what I am talking about then check out a map. We spent a couple of days just hanging out and wandering around the area a tiny bit. Anya loved wandering through the yard and bothering Nanny's dog Charlie.

Trixie and Nanny

Anya and Trixie love their Aunt and Uncle

We went and bought some lobster for dinner one night- I won't tell you how we got them exactly but know that they were fab.