Friday, June 11, 2010

Nova Scotia

Hey Ya'll, thought I would show some pics from our recent trip to Nova Scotia to visit Adam's Mom. We had a really good time just relaxing and seeing the beautiful countryside. We flew in on an early flight direct from Ottawa to Halifax. It is a really short flight so that made life pretty easy. Anya is such a pro flyer that we we entered the airplane she was carrying the boarding passes, when she came to the flight attendant who asked her for the passes Anya just reached out and gave her a big hug.

That night we went back to the airport to pick up Adam's brother from the airport and then headed to the other side of the island to Adam's Mum's house. She has a super cute fixer upper that is about half and hour down the neck past Digby, and if you have no idea what I am talking about then check out a map. We spent a couple of days just hanging out and wandering around the area a tiny bit. Anya loved wandering through the yard and bothering Nanny's dog Charlie.

Trixie and Nanny

Anya and Trixie love their Aunt and Uncle

We went and bought some lobster for dinner one night- I won't tell you how we got them exactly but know that they were fab.


Liz said...

The entire area looks so beautiful. I LOVE lobster, my mouth is watering now.

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

fun trip! i love trixie in the adirdonack(sp?) chair!

Mike and Judy said...

Great pictures. Your Nanny lives in an amazingly beautiful area. It reminds me of the western side of Canada.