Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Months and months of photo's to post. This may be silly but Grandmas really wants photo's and such so here we go.

Beatrix's birthday was in October. Grandmas was in town which was fun and we had a few friends over for pumpkin woopie pies in stead of cake. Trixie loves treats so she gobbled up her cookie. She really loved the balloons (what kid doesn't) and we gave her a couple little gifts.

For Halloween Grandma made Anya a really cute Dorothy costume. She already had red sparkly shoes that worked perfect with the dress. We picked up a monkey costume for Bea and I attached felt wings to the back so that she would be a flying monkey. They looked really cute. We didn't make it trick or treating because we were in DC visiting friends but we did go to their ward's trunk or treat so they got a little candy and were able to show off their costumes. Anya has worn her dress a few times since then as dress up and to church (her pick).

Anya participate in the next gymnastics class and loved every moment of it. She did struggle with how slow the class would move around pretty slow. Her cute teacher was pregnant and there were seven little girls in the class so keeping then on track was pretty tough.

We have added another family member to our little gang. A week before Christmas we finally decided to get the dog we have always wanted. A little Newfoundland puppy who we named Tonks. She is really cute and has grown a ton in the last month and a half. The girls love her and she loves them so it works out well.

We had a really fun Christmas. Adam's brother David and his wife Meagan come up. We totally love them so it made our holiday great having them around. We got the girls a sled so we could take Tonks out for walks on our paths. It has been really fun exploring the outdoors a little more this winter.

Christmas dinner was really funny. We were kind of late getting dinner on so by the time I set the turkey on the table Anya was done. She grabbed the turkey leg and declared that it was HER'S! She got pretty far before the rest for the dinner made it on.

And some random cute pictures of girls. I shaved Trixie's head the other day so she is looking a little boy like right now.

I thought that you might like to see a couple of my latest craftings. I have been totally into wreaths now that we actually have a front door to hang them on soooo

This is our birthday wreath that we put up for.... birthdays. I know, amazing

and a couple of yarn wreaths that I made for Christmas. I taught a class on these for our ward RS Christmas activity.

and a cinnamon stick one that I pulled from a few different photos on apartment therapy.

These are pinwheels that I hung on the wall in Anya's room. They are made of scrapbook paper that match the colors in her quilt.

The banner that I made to hang in the playroom. It is just triangles of fabric that I sewed into store bought double binding and then hung up around the entire room.

And finally, the play kitchen that I made for the girls for Christmas. I got the designs from Ana White which if you have never been to her site you must. She has tons of free plans that are fabulous! This is the first time I have ever built something like this myself but I watched my dad build enough stuff over the years that I pretty much picked up a lot of info. The only tricky part was the fact that I have very few tools. Like only a drill and a saw, no clamps or anything so it is not all square. The building only took me a couple of days with Anya helping but the painting took a while since I have multiple layers and I could only do it at night when kids were distracted by Dad. I am pretty happy with it and so are the girls.