Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Dolls

This is The Incredible Hulk

Or as we affectionately refer to him 'hulky' or 'hulk baby'. The Hulk is Anya's favorite dolly. She has many dolls, baby dolls, rag dolls, both homemade and store bought but she has chosen The Hulk as her favorite. As I write this she has The Hulk standing on the window ledge and is telling him to jump to her.

The Hulk stands about 15 inches tall. He is hard plastic with an on and off switch on his bum. If you push a button on his tummy he growles loudly and then makes a crashing sound. If you squeeze his legs together his lifts his arms up in the air and when they fall a large crashing sound occurs and his eyes glow bright green. Most children are actually quite scared of The Hulk, but Anya has been trained to be a warrior so she loves him.

Last night, like many other nights and nap times Anya has insisted on putting Hulky to sleep, wrapped in a blanket in some box before she will consider sleep.

The Hulk often eats and drinks what Anya eats and drinks. Every sippy cup of water is offered to The Hulk while he rests on her hip.

When Anya puts on shoes to go out, The Hulk must have shoes on as well.

Some days, when Anya is tired of carrying The Hulk around (he is awkward) she insists on having him tied to her back like a any good mama carries her baby. That way she can get things done and still keep Hulky happy.

Just wanted to share with you all a little bit if info on our crazy little girl. We sure love her.