Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are you ready Grandma?

Anya and I are off tomorrow to Utah for a three week visit. This post is to make sure that they (the grandparental unit) is prepared for the reincarnation of me as a toddler. Anya normally climbs a lot. No drawers are safe. She in on the kitchen counter about 20 times a day and our dresser never actually has clothes in it because she has thrown them all out and then climbs on top. We are constantly the show of the playground. Every parent of a child even close to her age asks how old she is and are amazed by her strange climbing abilities. I am not bragging, it is just the way she is and to be honest it is a pain in the neck. Today I was washing dishes and then went to see where the little monster was hiding at. I found her stuck in our closet in the shelf at my chest level. I'm sorry for the really bad photos, I was trying to be fast before she climbed down.

I pulled her out of the shelves and not 2 seconds later she proceeded to climb all the way to the ceiling. Luckily she also climbed back down and then fell from the third shelf up. No harm done, she is currently spinning in circles as fast as next to me. Oh, wait, now she is dancing wildly on top of the dinning room table.

Hope you are prepared grandparentals. Luckily you have gone through this before sooooo, you should be fine. Just so everyone else knows that she does have her calm moments. Here she is watching TV before church while we were getting ready.

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Lynn said...

We are ready and anxious. Actually that is an exaggeration. I doubt my house has ever been messier or less ready for a toddler, but after camp we will be home and able to clean up some.