Sunday, May 17, 2009


One of the great things about living in the DC area is all the cool stuff to do. We will never be bored this summer. Yesterday we went up to the Brookside gardens and butterfly house. There are 40 acres of beautiful gardens, all free and a great butterfly house, not free but pretty cheap. Anya loves butterflies so she totally had a great time wondering around with hundreds of butterflies of different varieties flying around her and us with some even landing on us. We had to walk really carefully because they would often land on the ground in front of us and chase each other in circles around us. I have some pictures but no good ones of Anya because she had no desire to hold and pose for a picture.


Lynn said...

I think the one with the finger is a moth. I've seen that one before, but amazingly big huh? I love butterfly's too. Thanks for the photos.

Potter Family said...

i love adams face, looks like hes going to kill it or something. Anya is soo beautiful, glad you guys are enjoying DC!

Shannon said...

I've experienced the fear of crushing them in a butterfly section of an aquarium-they are so pretty. Cool pics!

Does living there bring back memories of your mish?