Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pictures and climbing

My mom has requested new pictures, so here you go lady. I thought that I should document some of Anya's climbing adventures, I have been taking video but am not finished with it so here are some photos instead.

I am not actually sure how she gets in this little drawer but it is her new favorite place to sit.

This girl loves to color.

And when you fall down the stairs you need a fudgesicle to make you feel better.


jack said...

The suicidal climbing instinct is a heritable trait, it appears. Also she looks soooo much like you in some of these, and soooo much like Adam in some others.

I like the drawer-seat the best, I think.

Blake and Catherine Potter said...

Wow she is getting soooo big!! She looks completely soaked in one picture, what the heck happened?

D/E G said...

She is looking too grown up with her haircut, which you did a great job on. It looks like she doesn't have a speck of fear in her, and I'm sure she charms everyone she encounters! :)

Lynn said...

Oh, yes, that climbing stage. You did indeed, climb everything in sight. We need to post the one of you in a bucket along with the one of her in the drawer. Now where did I put that?

Liz, Casey, Acacia and Josh said...

How cute is this girl! Acacia was a climber, really so is Josh. He is a bit audacious now. When he iss supposed to be in bed, he climbs onto the table, right in front of us and sings or something absurd..