Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Hair Cut

See this girls messy hair.
It is very long and super messy. The length is crazy because various hairs grow at different rates. The back curly part grows super slow and the front grows fast. We have been talking about getting her hair cut for a while now but had not been able to figure out how exactly to do this. The girl does not hold still for very long. When I pull her hair up I usually have to chase her around the apartment combing and pulling all as I chase on my knees. As you can imagine, going to a hair dresser for a cut seemed to be impossible. So I looked up online how to do a blunt cut and decided that I could handle it and if it was horrible I would bring her to my hairdresser for a fix. After a good bath we put on a movie and I sat behind her on our coffee table. This tactic has worked in the past when I have braided her hair or other more elaborate hair do's. After sectioning it off and carefully cutting we ended up with a pretty cute wedge. It is a little shorter than I had planed but It looks cute. Sorry for so many photos but they are really for grandma.

This is Anya's favorite drawer to play in. I have to keep it empty all the time because she loves it so much. Obviously these photos are pre hair cut.

A good pocket if your pants don't have them.


Blake and Catherine Potter said...

Why is she SO cute!! I love her hair, she's a little lady!

james n mary said...

ok total project cuteness right there!!! and i'm so glad i have a boy...i hate haircuts! lol! you did a great job!!!

Lynn said...

Well, her hair is still darling. In a way I hate to see her lose the length, but it will probably be better to care for. The tucked in the shirt thing is cute. Hope she didn't get that from us. mom

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

wow.. you go Chrys... i hate cutting Bennett's hair, he wiggles all over the place and I can always see all the crooked spots! Anya's looks great... maybe if we ever see you again you can give me some tips!! ( I hear I am lucky to have one w/curly hair since it hides the bad cut better, pheww)

Yomama said...

Chrys, I guess it's official: You are willing to try anything, and do everything well for you boldness! Your little Anya looks so grown up in her new haircut, but still the cutest little squirt in Canada, there's not doubt! Enjoy her for all of us who have never seen her... Hope that isn't true for too long.
Love you all,
Auntie Karla

Liz said...

Oh my goodness! That is such a cute cut on her. I love it. If I come visit you in Canada will you cut my little girl's hair?