Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to wean a very stubborn 20 month old from night feedings. A not so helpful how to.

To start of I must tell you that this how to may not work for all, but so far it has worked for me and my little breast monster.

1- Early monday morning, like 4 am. wake up with pretty bad abdominal pain, ignore and fall back asleep.

2- Go the entire day with said pain, wondering why you feel like you need to poop so bad but nothing is happening.

3- At 5 pm. drop husband off at his second job.

4- An 6 pm. call the telephone nurses to see what you should do about you increasing pain because you worry that a miscarriage may be occurring. The nurse tells you to go to the emergency room because 8 week pregnant women should not have that much pain.

5- Call your kick ass friends and tell them to go pick up your husband and come watch you little girl for undisclosed amount of time. Yea for super hero friends!

6- Go to the emergency room with husband and sit and wait for 4 hours because that is the wait. During that time you throw up multiple times from the pain.

7- Finally go back and see the doctor, get blood taken, and wait for doctors to figure you out.

8- Be told by doctors that you need to wait on a bed in the emergency room hall all night so that they can watch you and give you fluids via an IV.

9- Husband goes home at 1 am to relieve kick ass friends from baby duty because they both have to work in the morning. Little girl goes first night of her little life with out getting boob milk, and husband has awful night.

10- Morning comes in the ER. You have spent the entire night on a stretcher in a hall, taking various pain meds, all of which make you throw up, but there is nothing to throw up because you have not eaten since lunch monday, and not had anything to drink since 10 pm monday.

11- You finally go for a ultrasound at 11:30 am Tuesday. This is the longest ultrasound of you life, 1 1/2 hours of torture.

12- Ultrasound is inconclusive, baby is fine but they cannot find the appendix like they were looking for.

13- You go back to the ER to wait for a surgery consult, which they have forgotten to call for.

14- Your husband comes back to the ER because another awesome friend leaves work so that he can come and watch the girl and do your dishes, he even gets the girl down for a nap.

15- The surgery doctor decides to send you to get an MRI to try to get a better look at your appendix.

16- The MRI shows you appendix is crap and must be taken out.

17- You go into surgery and your husband goes home for another fun night with little girl.

18- Tuesday night you get out of surgery, throw up, and get taken up to your room for a strange night in the post op ward.

19- Wednesday morning you wake up feeling much better and eat breakfast- the first food you have had for over 40 hours.

20- Wednesday after lunch you get to go home.

All free because Canada rocks!

Draw backs- When your daughter comes to pick you up from the hospital she will not look at you and makes mean faces at you.


Lynn said...

I made a comment to Dad that I wondered who was taking care of the baby. He said immediately, "I wish it was me!" I'm glad you are home and doing well. I hope the one good thing about your whole experience - a possible weaning- actually happens. Love ya much!!!

jack said...

Holy crap dude! I'm so glad you are ok.

Zak and Allysia said...

Sorry to hear...congrat's on the baby on the way though!

Shannon said...

I said to Glenn last night, "I wonder if she's pregnant." It sounds like a congrats is in order and way to go through such an ordeal. Appendicitis hurts! Good riddens of the nasty thing right? And little miss grumpy pants won't remember this in a couple of years, but you sure will. Take care of yourself!

Liz said...

Congrats on the baby! Being sick with appendicitis AND in your first trimester does NOT sound fun at all. You are a tough woman!

Kip said...

OMG I didn't know you were pregnant! you know I have email right?

D/E G said...

Well sometimes we don't get to announce things in the timing we had planned, but we congratulate anyway, especially cuz I think this next baby is for staying, having to put up with all of that already! ;)
My appendix ruptured while I was 4 1/2 mos pregnant w/ Andrew (I thought it was just forever long morning sickness) and it was similarly miserable, though I don't recall having to wait out in the hall on a stretcher, but I was pretty out of it! We're glad you've survived, and it may be good that you received the dirty looks now--I gave those looks to my mom and ignored her after she brought Shan home from the hospital! Em

Liz, Casey, Acacia and Josh said...

That was an awesome announcement! Funny, Ashley, also about 8 weeks pregnant! Appendicitis is a terrible thing to have when you already feel terrible - you are very tough! And free medical care... are there many seminary teachers in Canada?

james n mary said...

OMGZ you guys are expecting another little sandor???!!!! congrats!