Saturday, December 15, 2007

Going Home for Christmas

We are leaving on monday morning to spend a month in north America. We will be splitting our time between my family in Vegas and Adam's family in Windsor. There will be lots of plane rides and people for Anya to smile at but it should be fun. We are really excited about Mexican food, Windsor pizza, shwarma, and a steak from Carabbas just to name a few. As we are leaving soon, I have spent the last few days preparing baked goods for christmas presents. I made my carmels for the relief society in our Branch and sent some with Adam to school and I made a whole bunch of no kneed bread for various friends at school and in the Branch. They look pretty cute with bows around them, I am including a container of honey butter with each one. Hopefully everyone loves them.

These pictures are just a few of Anya having fun in her jumper. She loves, loves, loves to jump. We will be bringing it with us to north America so those of you who see us will actually get to watch the fun.

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