Thursday, December 6, 2007


The three of us traveled to Odense Denmark last thursday. Adam had a conference that he wanted to attend, and the conference paid for his trip so we decided to make a family trip of it. It was actually fun, apart for the immense amount of travel time we put in just to get there. As you all know, we live way out in the middle of no where in Wales, to get to London we have to take a five hour train ride. To get to Denmark we then flew from London and then we had to take a bus and another train to actually get to the city we were traveling to. Needless to say, it was way too much travel time for a three day trip. Denmark is nice though, I was really suprised by the amount of people riding bikes. There were bikes everywhere, tons and tons of them, and nice bike lanes on every road. Also, oddly enough, nobody seemed to lock their bikes. There were entire parking lots full of bikes with only a few locked up. It was amazing. I really wish we could ride bikes here in Aber but there are way way too many hills and the streets are sooooo small and people drive way to fast, it would be super dangerous. I didn't take any picture while there. I did have my camera but as Adam was in meetings almost the entire time I didn't really have anyone to take pictures of, unless I attempted to sit Anya in random locations by herself and snap a shot of her. I decided that this would not be the safest option, so no pictures were taken. However, my mom has requested some updated shots of our little ham so here are a few.

This is how Anya watches me make dinner most nights. She really wants to be a part of the cooking process but is not very helpfull she she tries to put her hands in what ever I am making. Also, you should notice that she has become a thumb sucker. It is really cute and quite helpfull. I can now put her down for a nap by herself and she will fall asleep on her own. Yea!

Anyanka is such a ham. She love to have tons of attention from everyone around her, and she will totally entertain them all. We had a whole bunch of Adams fellow masters students over last night. For three hours she was passed from person to person playing with everyone. She was in heaven, smiling and laughing and playing with everyone. It's really funny to watch her


melis w-b. said...

she is seriously adorable! sorry you had to travel so much to see denmark, but glad it ended up being a nice trip.

Liz said...

That's awesome you were able to see Denmark. I've always wanted to go there (and tons of other places I'm sure you'll see first). Anya is so cute, she reminds me of a little pixie.