Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two Weeks

Miss Beatrix is now two weeks old. She is healthy and getting a little chub on. Her weight is up in one week from 7lb 15oz to 8lbs 7 oz. Pretty good eh? This girl loves to eat and cuddle. She rarely cries and is getting stronger everyday. We have had a pretty good couple of weeks since coming home from the hospital. My sister in law Megan came to visit and help out (thanks Megan!) for a few days. She cleaned my house, cooked, and held little girls which was awesome. Now my Dad is here and Anya and I are both loving having Grandpa around. So here are a few photos of the last week.

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Lynn said...

I can't begin to tell you how jealous I am!!! I want to be there! I want to cuddle that grandbaby.