Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Apartment and Projects.

I thought a post before the baby comes might be a good idea. Just to update everyone on where we are and what's up in our lives. We left the DC area at the end of August to move back home to Ottawa. Some wonderful friends found us an apartment in Gatineau Quebec. Ottawa is located right on the border of Quebec and it is commonly referred to as the Ottawa/Gatineau area. Quebec is substantially cheaper for rent then the area in Ottawa we are willing to live in (we must stay in our ward boundaries). So our apartment is a good sized three bedroom with a full unfinished basement which means that we can throw all of our "stuff" in the basement and we bought a washer and dryer (yeah for no more laundry mats!). When we moved in we had to re-paint everything so we spent the first couple of weeks painting and moving furniture around, not quite done with that but done enough that it now feels like home. We are in a great location, right next to a major road that has tons of buses for Adam to get to school quickly and super close to the river and paths that I love about the Ottawa area. We are even super close to the good English/French immersion school so in a couple of years Anya will be able to go to Jr Kindergarten there.

We have all been super busy since coming home. Adam and I both were called to fairly big callings. Adam is crazy busy with his Phd. He is having to read tons more than his Masters and still trying to do his own research for publication, work on scholarship applications, working as a TA. I have been trying to get some of the bazillion projects done around the house. Curtins have been made for Anya's room but not yet for ours, I finished a hand pieced quilt for the new baby which I will show as soon as it gets back from the quilters (oh, that's my mom. She is awsome.) And various Christmas presents are on the go. I thought that i would share one project that I have been working on for the last couple of days.


The tenants who lived here before us left this Dutailier glider for us. It was is terrible shape. It was covered in a super thick layer of cat hair and the fabric was stained badly. The wood finish was very warn and it is totally not my style. I have always wanted a Dutailier glider but they are way out of our price range so.... Now I have one that I like. The above photo was taken after hours of scrubbing and washing so don't think that I was just being picky. I spray painted the whole thing a satin finish black which makes it totally match our Broyhill furniture and then I took an old red microfiber duvet cover that I had and recovered the seat and back cushion. I have never made covers for anything like this before so it was a creative process to get it done but I am pretty happy with the results, we just won't let my mom inspect it. So the whole transformation cost me two can's of spray paint and I am super happy with the results. Anya loves it also, I often find her in the office rocking with some book. Now we just need a baby to come out so that I can rock it.


Trevor and Liz Covington said...

The glider looks awesome! I wish you could come to San Diego and help me pull my house together! I have no idea what to do w/anything! I don't know how I just completely missed the creativity in home decor bus! How ya feeling? I know your time is like just about up so.. good luck w/everything!!! love, liz

Kip said...

Hey Sis, remember when you called and told me something was being forwarded to my address for you because of it would be difficult to process in canada.... I never got it, did that all get worked out?
oh and email me your new address.

Lynn said...

Hey, I think it looks great. And I only complain about my own work being bad. Mom

micheal jackson said...

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Cat and Blake Potter said...

wow nice work!! We're pretty anxious to get back to the Ottawa area, you guys are lucky!!

Yomama said...

You continually amaze me with your do-it-yourself projects; I think I missed that bus too... The rocker is great, Anya looks ready for her sister to come home - and since I'm commenting after it's all done, CONGRATULATIONS! We Coxes are all praying for your new little one; and Baby B's name is maybe the youngest on our temple roll...Anyway, take care of yourself while you deal with so much; felicite' on your new home; and remember that Auntie Karla loves you all!

Shannon said...

Yes, you rock in the crafting department, definitely inherited some from your mom. The glider is awesome and Anya is cute as ever. I told Xander that Anya has a new baby sister and he thought that was pretty cool. Now he's been asking, "Where's Darcia?!" I guess he's a little confused, but he definitely remembers you all. So glad we got together at least once this decade. :) Sigh. We're praying for you all. Please keep us posted, please.

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