Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Explanation

Some of yous peoples may have notices an addition of 'want lists' to the side of this blog. I believe this requires an explanation. We have had a couple of you loved one's ask us for ideas of Christmas presents this year. Since we live so far from most of you, I felt that it would be OK to post such info on two conditions.
1- in no way does this list mean that we want or expect gifts from anyone, as always we would much rather have a nice Christmasy note of love than a gift so please do not feel the need to give anything.
2- This list is not a hard and fast list of requests, we would love any thoughtful gift, but if you feel the need to buy one of us anything you will notice themes in the individual lists- Adam loves TV and books- but we currently don't get any TV stations, so seasons of his favorites are great for him as are gift cards for book stores. Chrys loves kitchen stuff so anything in that department is appreciated (you may even get a return on you investment in the form of cooked items :). And Anya loves good quality learning toys- we hate having a house full of toys so the smaller is better.

Once again I would like to emphasize the fact that we do not expect any gifts from anyone- a nice email or phone call would be loved just as much- and as you all know I never buy Christmas gifts- handmade is much nicer to me so don't feel like you have to buy anything.


Lynn said...

Only, how will we know if you get it before we get it to you? I saw one of the DVDs Adam wants in the store yesterday. Just wondered?

Chrysalis said...

Just tell me or Adam and we can erase it from the list-and keep it quiet from the other.

james n mary said...

what a great idea. too bad you kids live too far from us. we have a bunch of tv shows on dvds! and we also have an ice cream maker we are NOT using! argh!