Friday, October 31, 2008


Hey all! I know you are all extremely mad at me for the super long absence, time just got away from me. We are more than slightly busy around here so posting just keeps getting pushed to the end of the to do list. Now that I am here I should probably tell you what has been going on. We are back in Ottawa, and like I expected we really miss Aberystwyth. I guess that is the way life goes. We are living in a two and a half bedroom apartment in little Italy. It is on the top floor of a nice house owned by a cute older Italian couple who live in the rest of the house. They are super nice, always giving us homemade pasta sauce and the yummyest homemade cheese. The apartment is pretty great and super big: an office off of our room that is made into Anya's room which gives us a spare bedroom for guests and rock bands that sleep over, a huge walk in closet, a pantry with a door that closes, and a outside storage unit for all our random stuff. The only problem is that our couch did not fit up the super skinny staircase, so we currently are sitting on our one comfy chair and dining room chairs to watch TV which is not ideal. Anyway, we have almost finished moving everything in so it is feeling like home more each day. On to the pictures eh? I have a ton that have piled up over the last two months so... here are a few

This little girl loves to play at the playground. She runs all over the place trying out every slide they have and has even mastered climbing the rope stair things instead of using the stairs. She may be tiny but she can climb anything.

Loving slurpies, just like her dad!

Playing with uncle David. (Adams older brother)

We went to Florida with my parents to visit my grandparents and had loads of fun. Thanks grandma and grandpa, and great grandma and great grandpa!

Just eating some Tofu and watching TV.

Playing in some leaves.

Anya is going as little red ridding hood for halloween. I had some red and white wool felt lying around that I made into a cloak with a big huge hood, and got a really cute clasp for the front. I have a cool little picnic basket that I got when I was a kid from my cousins in the Azores. At first she did not like the cloak, but after a while it seems that she might do ok. We are going trick or treating with some friends from church, we are hoping that she figures out what to do. I am going to try to get better pictures of her tonight when she is all dressed up, but here are some starter ones.


D+E Gibby said...

Glad to see you're finally getting settled. Have you both found jobs you like, or did plans change? Anya actually reminded me of Natalie in one of her cherubic poses (maybe it was just me missing those round-faced baby-girl days). Your petite gal seems to be growing up w/ pony tails and carrying big baskets I remember from the past. I still have a shell from the Azores too!

Yomama said...

Thanks for the great post! I've said this to others, but how would I know anything about your exciting life without this blog? And I must state the obvious: you have one incredibly cute, photogenic little peanut there!
Welcome back to North America, hope things go well for you. Your apartment sounds fun; rock bands? ;->
Auntie Karla

Yomama said...

- Oh, and what a great costume! You sew like your mom: like it takes no effort... way to go, Chrys!
Love, Auntie Karla

Liz said...

I love that hood, she is so cute. I wish my family was a touring rock band so we could come visit.

Lynn said...

Oh, the red riding hood turned out well, and it looks like she can wear it for awhile, though you might have to move the clasp as she grows up. We would really like pictures of the apartment though, please. mum

james n mary said...

YAY the Sandors are still alive!!! Did you enjoy Florida?! I like it. You are the party central!

We are travelling overseas in May and are NOT looking forward to it at all with Fox in tow!