Thursday, January 24, 2008

Attempts to move

My baby is trying her hardest to move around. She wants to be able to reach all of her toys without assistance as well as being an independent woman. She loves to stand as well, but crawling is her main venture at this moment. She has mastered moving from a sitting position to on her tummy without face planting or any injury whatsoever which makes me happy because now I don't have to watch her all the time (our floors are really hard!). She also pulls her knees up and rocks back and forth a lot. She can even inch her knees forward but has not yet figured out that she needs to move her arms as well to actually move forward. Luckily she can do tons of movement on her own just by pushing backwards and twisting around but hopefully soon we will have a crawler.


Alisa said...

What a cute little outfit! I love the belt. :) She's such a cutie -- I love that her hair always looks a little wild, but oh so adorable!

melis w-b. said...

I gotta tell you, chrys, I think you have the most beautiful baby ever! she is so pretty. and smart! before you know it, she'll be runnin' around and getting into everything. it's fun to look back and remember when gavin was so close to crawling....and now i can't keep up! hope y'all are doing well.