Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rolling baby!

Little Miss Anyanka has become a crazy rolling baby. The second we put her down she starts to roll over, I barely had time to take these pictures of her in action. So has become necessary to baby proof the living room. She now rolls onto her tummy and scoots herself up to her toys, then yells at me because the toy doesn't do anything and she is still unable to make them do stuff. It is pretty funny.

Anyanka also really likes to talk to her dad. During the day, she will talk to me a little bit but as soon as Adam comes home from school she starts talking to him like a crazy person. Most of the time it sounds like she is telling him all the mean things I did to her during the day. Eventually they start to have a yelling match, with Anya yelling and then Adam imitating her which only makes her mad so she yells louder. Very funny.

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