Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My turn

Shan tagged me so, my turn- here goes

The rules are...A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

1- I am a feminist. I know that was hard to guess since that is what my degree is in but I quite enjoy feminist discussions, and reading various pieces of feminist literature. I focus most of my readings on women’s movement across borders for jobs, such as nannies and maids. Although I do partake in the bloggernaccle (Mormon feminist blogs) on a regular basis.
2- I love, love, love, love food blogs. Just check out my favorite spots on the side bar. I usually go tastespotting first and spend way too much time looking at various foodies creations, then usually try to find a recipe that I can create. Every month a group of baking blogs have a competition, who can make the best of a certain recipe. I am always really excited when I have already mastered the item they are creating, such as the crepe cake they made in the summer. I also really would like to learn to photograph food like some of the bloggers. My pictures of my food never turn out anywhere near as good.
3- I would love to learn how to do way too many forms of art. I want to be a great photographer. I want to learn how to blow glass, and make glass beads. I would love to know how to work with various metals, and make jewelry. Also I would love to be able to make amazing ceramics. Actually I want to be perfect at all of these crafts and have a huge studio in my home where I had all of the equipment needed to do these projects on my own. I know that this will never happen and I am going to be stuck taking classes at arts centers, but I would also love to be perfect at these.
4- I love to quilt, bug surprise eh? It is actually on of my favorite things in life. I love to design quilts and piece them together. Going to the fabric store and touching all the fabric and looking at the great vast amounts of quilting fabrics get me really excited. If only I had a machine quilting machine so that I could finish the quilts myself in a timely manner.
5- I really enjoy cooking for people. I love finding recipes and planning menus and making favorite recipes for people. This is why being married to Adam is ideal. I cook a huge dinner for a party and Adam does all of the talking. It works out perfect! Along with this, I would love to someday have my dream kitchen. A really big kitchen with all the gadgets that I dream of and so many different place settings that they fill their own pantry.
6- I ran a marathon 5 ½ years ago. It was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done, next to natural childbirth and my mission. The feeling I had after finishing running those 26 miles was amazing. I really want to do another one, hopefully at the end of this year!
7- I really enjoy moving to different countries (don’t tell Adam). There is always a huge hassle in getting everything set up, with no credit histories and not knowing correct word for things. But there is something really exciting about learning about different cultures, language, and customs. There are great people to meet everywhere, and you can pretty much find a friend anywhere you go. I know that we have only moved to English speaking developed countries so far, but I have found something that I love in every place we have lived. I am really excited to see where we go next.

There you go-- and I tag--

Not all these people have blogs but I figure emal and facebook would work too.


Leona said...

i didn't know you were so talented, that's awesome how you fill your life with so many artistic abilities. And i'm sure Anya will pick up on a few of your abilities and enjoy them as well. I know jed wishes i cook more, but i'm learning. i should check out those food blogs you were talking about.

Auntie Karen said...

Thanks for this recipe Chrys...I'm going to try it too. It looks delicious!