Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi. Here are some pictures....

I realize that we are way behind on our posting pictures and such but..... well, no reason other than life and such. We went to Windsor and Utah for the holiday season so I thought that I would update ya'll with some photos of our lives and such.

This was our attempt at getting some sort of a Christmas picture of the girls. Beatrix screamed for the first few shots and then Anya screamed for the next few until I gave up. Oh well.

Bea and Grandpa taking a nap.

Some random Anya pictures.

And some cute ones of Bea.

Just to so how different Anya and Bea look. These were both taken at three months and a few days.

While we were in Utah I had a quilt-fest with their new long arm machine, so much fun. so here are the pics of them,
This one was for Zach and Katlin who got married last year. A very belated wedding present. I pieced the back as well.

This one was for Adam's mom for Christmas.

This is a baby one that I made for some friends here in Ottawa who just had a baby.

And this is one that I made for us because..... well I wanted one too. I did one more for a friend that is pregnant but I didn't have a chance to get a pic yet so stay tuned.


Trevor and Liz Covington said...

love the quilts! i'm taking a quilting class from a lady at our church but so far my kids have been sick each week I'm supposed to go! Bea is getting so big! And I totally see a resemblance between her and Anya... those striking blue eyes!! She is very adorable!

Liz said...

You made ALL OF THOSE on your trip!?!?! Chrys, they are beautiful! What do I have to do to get one? :)

altanoreida said...

Chrysalis, I LOVE your pictures. Your quilts are awesome. You have such a talent at that. And your babies are adorable. It was fun to have you guys visit for a day. Hope to see more of you!

Lynn said...

Thanks for posting the pics. I wanted to be able to see what you do, to encourage me to do some more modern look. You know me, always flowers and regular blocks. I wish I could see the other one, as I'm trying to get inspiration.
The girls look beautiful of course. We miss you. mum

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh girl! A Quilt fest extraordinaire! You are amazing! I sure had a great time visiting with you while you were here, and really glad that you came out with your mom to spend a day here at our house too. It was great!

Liz, Casey, Acacia and Josh said...

Chryssy you are super impressive - those are gorgeous! I tried an underground railroad quilt, it turned out ok, but yours are professional! and Wow! you totally whipped them out!