Saturday, July 5, 2008


We are off to Ottawa for a week so you'll have to wait for 1 year old pictures until we get back. But yeah for North America!


Kip said...

Happy birthday Anya!

james n mary said...

hi Sandors! I can't remember when James told me you were headed back to AZ for school but James did ask me to help you two find housing :D You can certainlly go to an apartment complex (and yes, almost every apartment complex has a community pool and hot tub) or the other option is going through a rental. We are doing the latter at this time.

Since you have both lived here last summer, I'm sure you probably have an idea of which part of town you want to live in - but I'm more than happy to help. We live approx 10-15mins in traffic from ASU. Here is the webpage of the property management group we are going through for our rental: . The prices are negociable as well. Our condo that we are in was listed as $1000.00 and we are paying $800.00.

Have a great time in Canada and Happy birthday to the little one :D

jackp said...

Dude. It's been more than a week now. Your time is up!