Friday, May 30, 2008

Beautiful Ireland

Sorry for being gone so long, but we are still around. Actually we are currently driving around Ireland. We have a friend who is from Dublin, he came home for a long weekend and invited us along. We stayed the first two nights at is parents house which was great. His mum, Mary is super sweet and took great care of us and our friend Paddy took us on a fantastic tour of Dublin. We are now on the west coast chillin in a beautiful B&B for the night and then tomorrow we will make our way down the west coast to the south. Pictures to come soon.


Lynn said...

Yeah for Ireland, and for B&B's and I can't wait to see the pic's

Leona said...

i am so jealous and happy for you guys. you get to visit so many different places and see so many things. hope you guys have a great time and i can't wait for more pix!