Thursday, April 17, 2008


We returned from Paris and London on monday and I have not yet found time to post pictures, sorry. After a week of having Anya strapped to my back she has become needy. She wants to be with me all the time, if I go into the kitchen she follows and holds my legs, she follows me around the apartment everywhere I go. The only place she will play on her own is in our living room but only if I stay with her so lots of knitting has been getting done as I sit by her playing. So, sorry for not posting Paris and London pictures yet, we had a great time with lots of great food but you will have to wait. I am sharing this video of her climbing up to the tv. We try to keep her away from it since we only have a crapy tv stand here. She loves to get the DVD player and pull out cords and stuff but lately she has been taking the stuff off the top of the tv as shown here. Besides climbing on the suitcase, she also climbs on her bouncy chair that is blocking the entrance to behind the stand. She will clime on and then stand up in the chair to get to the playstation remote on top. Crazy kid!

Anya Climbs from Chrysalis Sandor on Vimeo.


Lynn said...

She reminds me of you pulling a chair over to the counter, climbing unto the chair, then the counter, then the microwave, then reaching for the cookie jar on top of the refrigerator. I think you were 10 months old. You were, however, walking at 8 months. M

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

So... let me know if you find a long term cure for the hanging onto the leg thing! I cant figure out why Bennett is stuck to me like glue at home but if we go outside or to the store he just jets and is out of sight! I have found the best temporary fix for the leg clinging is having a bigger kid over to play, then he chases after them everywhere! Hope life is good in ole brit! liz