Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Giant Post!

We have had quite an exciting week. We bought a car. The original plan was that we were going to go the year without a car. Aber is a pretty small town so it is very easy to walk every where. We walk to school, church, and the grocery stores. It has been a pain sometimes, since I seem to have to go the the store everyday because I can not carry too much home at a time and the larger grocery is about a mile away. But is has worked out just fine. So why did we buy a car? This last weekend was stake conference. Our stake center is about 2 hours away and there is no way to take a train there. Well, you probably could take a train but it would take like 6 hours, the Welsh infrastructure is not so good. We wante to make a weekend of fun so we began looking into renting a car. Then we saw a little car for sale in our apartment parking lot. It is a 97' honda civic, yes the same car that we own at home, but this one is a two door hatchback with the steering wheel on the wrong side. We did some research in to owning a car here and then decided that it would be worth the money to buy the car. This way we can make little weekend trips around the country, and I can go to the good yarn shop in the town 10 miles away. It was a little trick figuring out how to drive on the left side of the road, and little skinny roads that people drive way too fast on but having a car has been great so far. Lots of the branch members live outside of town so now we can drive to their houses.

Anyway, I have lots of photos from the last week, so - here we go- these ones are from last week. Miss Anya playing her computer game. She not only loves to play the game, but she like to sit on our laps while we are looking at stuff on the internet.

Some cute photos of Anya, with her hair pulled up, and sliding down on the couch.

As you can see, Anya has become quite a ham, she actually poses for the camera. This next one is to show how curly her hair is when it is wet. Her hair is the same texture as mine and is just as straight when it dries, but is does bring alot attention from strangers. Everywhere we go people stop to look at her and talk to her, especially since it is now coming in blond and she looks like she has gotten highlights.

Over the weekend we went to Swansea for stake confrence. At a restraunt we put Anya in a booster seat, she thought that she was pretty cool sitting up all the way like a big girl.

One of the really cool things about living in the UK is that there are beautiful castle ruins all over the place. This one was in the middle of Swansea, but while we were driving around we saw tons of them right in the middle of normal neighborhoods.

Monday was a holiday here in the UK, Guy Fawkes night or bon fire night. Everyone gets together and lights big fires and lights fireworks. Our branch met at our friends farm. It is really pretty. They bought this old farm and are in the process of converting the old farm house into their house. Then they are going to convert the other buildings into vacation cottages that they will rent out. They also have lots of farm land that they will eventually have sheep on.

They lit a giant bonfire made out of the old floor joists from the house. Hot dogs were eaten, treats were had, and lots of fun all around.


Blake & Catherine Potter said...

Hey guys!!! Wow she is growing soooo much she's quite cute! I hope things are going great over the ocean over there. We have a blog too, the website is on my facebook. Are you guys going on the cruise??

melis w-b. said...

I've always wanted to drive on the wrong side! that pic of Anya in the orange shirt on Adam's lap is to die for--she's a complete doll! I'm sorta jealous of your adventures overseas; glad you're enjoying it!

Auntie Karen said...

These pictures are fantastic! Anya is adorable and seems to be growing so quickly. Congratulations on mastering left side driving! Guess what? I bought material to make a quilt!!!