Thursday, September 27, 2007

1 Week

Well friends, we have been in Aberystwyth for 1 week and much has been accomplished. We arrived here 11 days before Adam's school starts mainly because Adam had a bunch of meetings at the university, but we also wanted to get ourselves organized. We have spent the week acquiring money from the school, opening bank accounts, getting cell phones, internet and our appartment. These items may sound easy, but in a foreign country it proves more difficult than imagined. When we moved to Canada I benefitted from Adams first hand knoweledge of the ways of Canada, however with this move neither one of us has that knoweledge. We have been successfull. We even have our apartment half way organized if you can believe it. Here are a couple of pictures of Anya from the week.

These photos were taken after we had story time one morning. Anya loves us to read her stories, she becomes completly enthralled with the pictures.

We have devised a new sleeping position for miss Anya. She tends to not fall asleep because she wiggles too much, and then when she does fall asleep she wakes herself up from wiggling. Soooo, we wrap her tight in a blanket and then she can't move. It works perfect.

Anya is also desperately trying to sit herself up. When we set her in the corner of the sectional like this picture, I set her slightly slumped over and she tries so hard to pull up.


Darcia said...

What a beautiful little lady! She sure has changed a lot since birth..really has become her own person. I see both of you in her.


Trevor and Liz Covington said...

CHrys, man anya is a little cutie! England sounds like fun, I hope you guys really enjoy yourselves and one day come back to the US so we can see you =)! Good Luck Lady, Liz